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Simotwo Faith Zainabu On The Platform

Faith Simotwo Zainabu is an African from Kenya, She is the current ambassador of GIRL RISING AFRICA, an organisation that uses storytelling and other forms of literature to inspire action that gets girls into classroom. She has been able to spearhead fundraising for girls in her community.

At only 21, Simotwo is also a Mentor Coordinator at Kakenya Centre for Excellence, a centre focused on serving the most vulnerable underprivileged Maasai girls. And she is the founder of Africa Girl Voice.

She steps on The Platform to share her story and we also talked about the SDGs.

ThankGod: Before we talk about the numerous things you do, let's meet you Simotwo?

Simotwo: Thank you I’m honored to be your guest today. My name is Simotwo Faith Zainabu; I am a twenty-one year old African.

ThankGod: Your ultimate wish is that all girls secure better education just as boys despite their humble background. What practical steps have you taking to achieve this wish?

Simotwo: As a Regional Ambassador for Girl Rising since 2013, I have been able to spearhead fundraising for girls in my community and this we as Girl Rising we hope to take #65MillionGirls back to class. Educating a girl is not only right but smart. I have also been a mentor coordinator for Kakenya Centre for Excellence, a centre focused on serving the most vulnerable underprivileged Maasai girls. Mentorship is an asset to a girl child as it shapes the life of a girl.
I am also the founder of the Africa Girl Voice, a platform where young girls speak out through stories and poetry. African Girl Voice also offers trainings to school dropouts and empowerment.

ThankGod: Awesome things you are doing I must say. 

ThankGod: You seem to have this overwhelming passion in speaking up for Girls, where and how did this passion come about?

Simotwo: My passion for girls came up back when I was a kid and my late mother only gave birth to girls but she wasn't as much appreciated as my aunts who had boys. I also noticed that going to school for a girl was extraordinary and for a boy it was a necessity, parents in the village could even sell off their cattle to educate boys. I wanted to prove my society different that the girl child was as special as the boy child. So I would defeat all boys in my class and also fight them as well. I would protect other girls from as early as the age of 9. This passion has grown over the years and at age 18 I found my purpose in life, Speaking up for the girl child and today am happily living my purpose in life.

ThankGod: Hahahaha! I guess when these boys see you in class they get scared.

Simotwo: We still talk with some and they are very supportive now. Some call me madam president and support my initiatives very much.

ThankGod: It's eleven years already since you lost your Mom, knowing how important mothers are in our lives. How were you able to thrive as a teenage girl without your Mom?

Simotwo: Growing up without a mother has been one of the toughest moments in my life. She was the breadwinner of our family and an encourager. My sisters and I would always top in class because during the evenings and weekends she taught us school work and reminded us of how we had to work hard so as to help my community.
I have been able to survive though, thanks to the scholarship I got to Starehe Girls Centre an institution that supports bright but disadvantaged girls in Kenya. Starehe made me meet young girls who had gone through worse situations, and then I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started helping them with the little I had.
Books and the bible were my greatest consolation. Can you imagine I didn't even know that there was something called menstration? As girls we need a mother's touch and that is why today I try as much as possible to mentor girls without mothers so that they don't miss as much as I did.
However three years ago I met a mentor Ann Francis who has been able to play the role of not only a mentor but a mother and I am grateful for that.

ThankGod: You are indeed a good Role Model to young girls; I'm inspired already by you. If you can go through that phase of your life without compromising your belief and standards, then no girl has an excuse to go into prostitution and other negative practice just to survive. Well done Simotwo.

Simotwo: Thank you very Much ThankGod and once again am honoured to be your guest. 

ThankGod: Let's talk about the Global Goals #SDGs, even without asking Goal5 should be your favourite Goal, I'm I right?

Simotwo: My favourite goal and what I’m currently doing is #Goal4 Quality Education. Education is the most powerful weapon that a young person can have. I want to see other young girls get this weapon by advocating for them to go to school. As a child, my community believed that a girl's place is in the kitchen but as a youth I have a made my community believe that the girl's place is in class.

ThankGod: Tell us about your role with Girl Rising Organization and it's impart on Girls so far?

Simotwo: I am the Regional Ambassador of Girl Rising and through this, girls have been able to go back to class. Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls' education and our mission is to change the way the world values the girl.
Educating a girl child can break cycles of poverty in just one generation.
Girl Rising has been able to take over one million girls back to class and still looking forward to take #62MillionGirls back to class. 

ThankGod: How have you been involved with the Young African Leaders Initiative?

Simotwo: Young African Leadership Initiative was launched by the President of the United States Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of Africa. I am currently in the cohort 6 of YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa where I have learnt to be a better change maker. I aspire to be civically engaged and serve my community through ensuring girls have a safe environment to read and also empower them. 

ThankGod: Before you go, can you advice young people like you around the world, especial young girls?

Simotwo: Dear young girls I want to encourage you to be strong and help us make this tribe called women more stronger. Women united can never be defeated! I want to see girls speak up for themselves and stand for what they believe in.

ThankGod: Thank you Simotwo for your time on The Platform.

Simotwo: Thank you too for having me on The Platform. 

This interview was conducted by ThankGod Okorisha, All rights reserved, 21st March, 2016. 


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