Thursday, 31 December 2015

Javon Liburd on The Platform

Javon Liburd is a Youth from St. Kitts and Nevis, he is a Public Relations Officer, Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. He is also an active member of his country’s youth parliament association, where he has debated and influenced the decisions of the government as well as inspired dialogue amongst the masses.
Javon is also a recipient of the Queen's Young Leaders Award in 2015.  He steps on the Platform to share his story, and other projects he is involved in.

ThankGod: Thank you Javon for coming on The Platform.

Javon: It’s a pleasure to receive this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing and inspiring platform; one that educates and inspire other youths with the stories, beliefs and works of individuals such as myself. I wish for no one to place me on a pedestal and envy my works or my drive, but to use what I do, what drives me and the level of support I give to different causes and movement as an example of a life they should live and a map of how they can do such.

ThankGod: You seem to have this overwhelming desire to make impact, what inspires you?

Javon: My mantra in life is that I give back because I am a product of giving back. I received so much assistance from organizations and individuals in the form of grant, scholarships, academic assistance and social assistance, that is safe to say that I wouldn’t have been who I am today without such. What drives me is my desire to see young people be the best they can be, despite their odds.

ThankGod: What continuous effort have you made to improve yourself and stay at your best?

Javon: The key to improving yourself and stay at your best, I think, is to be relevant and continue educating yourself. Apart from my personal cause, I joined and collaborate with many other organizations to assist with their movements and causes. I continue to research about means and methods to get messages across, how to properly structure that message etc. I thrive on experience and development. You have to put yourself out there, make mistakes (not purposely) and learn from them, get the experience; self-development is ideal in this field.

ThankGod: Which of your publications and works as a journalist was most challenging yet satisfying?

Javon: I worked as a junior journalist in the British Virgin Islands back in 2012-2013 and this was a new experience for me. Coming from St. Kitts and Nevis where journalist are a bit laid back and going to a country where it’s on a paparazzi level was a difficult task for me, but I gained so much experience and development from the venture. 

ThankGod: You have been in active service to humanity for a long time; why this commitment to people and what do you intend to achieve?

Javon: I do not do what I do for recognition, I do it because it needs to be done, there needs to be change. “Be the change you want to see in the world”, said Mahatma Gandhi. This is my country, my brothers and sisters; I will do whatever I can to ensure that we can survive, produce, compete and win.

ThankGod: You are a government official in your country; what decisions have you influenced for the good of the people and how can you encourage patriotism among people?

Javon: I am not a government official, currently I am a Public Relations Officer for my country’s Federal Police Force, the Royal St.Christopher and Nevis Police Force. I am also an active member of my country’s youth parliament association, where we have debated and influenced the decisions of the government as well as inspired dialogue amongst the masses. We have debated youth policies, legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, driving safety initiatives, financial issues, educational issues, water conservation issues and many more.

ThankGod: You propagate this message "it isn't about the age of a man but what the man has to offer", how can today's youth be helped to stay at an advantage, be relevant and useful?

Javon: As I mentioned before, you have to be a part of the fight, join a cause and assist, you never know what you possess and what you are capable of doing and contributing if you stay on the sidelines and be an onlooker. You have to be a part of the cause and fights that will benefit you, your family and children to come in the future. Development is key and once you are involved you will grow as a leader; you will grow as the movement grows. 

ThankGod: How did you receive the news of your nomination for the Queen's Young Leaders award and what edge has it given you?

Javon: I received an email notifying me that I was in the running to be a Queen Young Leader. Winning such a prestigious award has given my work and anything I do and involved in, more than enough recognition and opportunities than I could ever asked for. I am eternally grateful for such an opening.

ThankGod: I must say that your life is really an inspiring one. Many youths are bound by the inability to execute their ideas that can impact the world, how can they be freed to live out their dreams?

Javon: You have to take that step. That’s key advice. No one will or can take that step for you, it’s all on you. We can only encourage you to do so, but you have to make that step, take that chance and do whatever it is you are longing of doing. Surround yourself with people who are relevant to and who can assist you with your goal/dreams; your network is your net worth.


This interview was conducted by ThankGod Okorisha, All rights reserved, 31st December, 2015

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